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My name is Dee Gorra. You can call me Gorra “The Explorer”. Yes… I got my backpack full of curiosity except I haven’t Boots the Monkey around with me. This is my travel journal…my exploration around Bali and beyond. Let the journey begin !.

” I love to see new places and experience the beauty, food and people of different regions.”

I have always loved to travel.  After graduating from college with a degree in Tours & Travel Management, I went to work for, what at the time was, the oldest and pioneer Scuba Dive shop in Bali called Baruna Water Sport.  Everyone did a variety of jobs, but I mainly worked in Tourism for almost over than 15 years and was able to travel a lot domestically around Bali and Indonesia.  After a short stint as a Criminal and Politic Journalist Photographer for a local daily newspaper in Bali thats after a hard and depress times of Bali after the bombing 2002, what in my head is just “F**k this terrorist that ruin the tourism industry…I will never back again to the industry”, but after sometimes the calling back I joined a start up China Travel Agency in Bali as China tourist turn boom after the Bali bombing.  I will celebrated my 40 year anniversary in February of this next year 2019.

“I am the shore and the ocean, awaiting myself on both sides.”

I believe travel is important to broaden your horizons, to help understand that we are all citizens of one world with very diverse backgrounds, opportunities and histories.I also just love to see new places and to experience the beauty, food and people of different regions.

I have been very fortunate in that I have been able to travel pretty extensively.  I love Bali of course as my homeland. But my favourite destination is Lombok, Semarang and Jogja. My dream destination is exploring Borneo, Papua and of course Africa one day. Still high on my list to see are – Bhutan and Africa.

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As a online travel founder and owner of adimelali.com , I also have a practice or insight that makes my travel experiences more enjoyable, always be flexible and travel with an open mind.  I see many travelers not enjoying their vacation because they expect it to be like it is at home.  Or, they become very upset when things don’t go exactly as planned.  Things rarely go exactly as scheduled from start to finish so you must be able to roll with the changes and not let it ruin your trip.


In adimelali.com , the online travel and transport business that I found in 2009. I put all my travel experience and my effort not just for business but as a traveler, especially as a local Balinese, which of course I always know much better my island rather than foreigner or guide book, its called local access or backstage access of the island.

For more info about my self and adimelali.com  please feel free to contact us as below:

Phone/SMS or WhatsApp to +62 81 337 795 381 or drop us an e-mail at rsv@adimelali.com. To keep in touch or let us arrange your Bali & beyond trip.

Be smart traveler, keep respect and follow us at our Instagram page at adimelali Bali.

Keep in touch and let the journey begin !!!